Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to make Digital Marketing successful

The total spend in digital advertisement is all set to overtake that in television advertisement in 2017. If the studies done in the world market on the volume and nature of money invested in advertisement is any indicator, online advertisement spend will increase by 15.4% compared to the corresponding figures from last year. All these studies point to the steady rise of digital media in dissemination of product and brand related information. It also points towards the need to step up digital and online marketing.

In days to come, the key to success will be held by those who know the trend and are well equipped to optimize their online and digital marketing talents. This requires constantly updating skills set, reading latest researches, and learning from the industry trends and practices. The market is fast evolving and it is mandatory for anyone in the industry to keep up the pace.

 How to optimize digital marketing?

Adopt a Data-Driven Strategy More and more brands and enterprises are moving towards data-driven business strategies. The campaigns need precision in the data being disseminated through their marketing streams, or they stand to lose their clientele. Data about the customer base can be gathered through much advanced data analysis and measurement tools already available. The secret of success is in in-depth analysis of the data gathered and responding positively to it through social media channels.

From Quality Content to Engaging Content The stress in modern SEO is fully on developing quality and engaging content. Of late, the stress shifted more to engaging content. Studied market intelligence and mass psychology read along with the live market response data is needed to create content that makes the audience read and share it.

Have more visuals The use of moving visuals was doubled during last year and they still continue to be the most effective means to communicate a message. Intelligent use of devices like infographics and animation content can still influence the market decisions.

Focus on Personalized Marketing Customers love personalized attention and response. The market data collected through research and analysis tools must be used to establish this personal rapport with the target audience.

Go Mobile Nothing engages the audience at personal level than mobile. For this simple reason, marketing perspective for mobile has a huge influence on web development, content creation, design, user experience, and promotion.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Art of doing SEO

Intelligent marketing is the key to success for brands and companies in modern age. The huge investments made in marketing, however, can go awry, if the target audience does not even notice the campaign. The point in any marketing campaign is to stay visible. If the keyword search will result in the product or website appearing in second page of Google or farther away, the game is lost before it begins. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes to play.

SEO is a tool that helps us optimise our appearance on search engine page results and get noticed. The advantages of SEO are (i) it helps in improving search engine ranking, (ii) it helps in increasing traffic to the website and (iii) it helps in optimising conversions. There are two different methodologies in SEO and both are used widely in the digital marketing world today. This is time to know more about White Hat and Black Hat SEO.

 What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a pure, organic way to optimize pages on the internet.  This calls for more human intervention that algorithms that rule the search engines. This is based on the premise that search engines look for real-persons searching for information online and as answer they need quality websites on search pages. The focus, thus, is on content addressing real persons.

White Hat SEO does this by providing relevant information, adhering to search engine parameters on how to promote websites, using keywords for Organic SEO, regular updating and inbound linking. White Hat SEO works over a period and calls for a good amount of patience to yield results.

 What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is going round the rules and using backdoors to promote sites out of turn. Most often Black Hat SEO goes against the regulations set by search engines to ensure higher page rankings in shorter time. These are done by keyword stuffing, using blank text and implementing cloaking, where a similar version of page is created just for search engines. Bots are deceived by the page and boost the ranking, whereas the actual page that people see will be completely different.

Black Hat SEO might fetch immediate results, but neither will that be ethical nor lasting. It can even lead to the websites being blacklisted and banned from all search engines. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

How to script a digital marketing success story?

The world has changed. Internet has taken over almost all aspects of life. Unless you have a strong digital footprint, any business is bound to whimper out in competition. No wonder that companies are burning much midnight oil to evolve solid digital strategies. Because, without a clear digital marketing strategy, chances of new client acquisitions, increased brand visibility and effective revenue generation through positive conversions seems bleak.

Campaigns have outlived the conventional marketing media long time ago. The digital marketing is evolving at an amazing pace, changing by the day. The most important tools in modern day’s digital marketing are mobile considerations, organic search, social media marketing, content marketing and lead nurturing. Most interesting aspect is that these five are not water-tight compartments, but deeply connected. A success campaign today depends on how effectively these five elements are correlated. A brief overview of the most successful campaigns in present times show the importance of these five.

 Keys to Digital Marketing

Mobile Considerations: Sales figures show that smartphones and tablets have overtaken personal computers by a long margin. A spinoff of this being 90% of consumer transactions reported to have started on one device and finished on another. All digital marketing campaigns start from this premise.

Organic Search – People are always looking for information online. Brands that are visible there get the attention that convert to business. Optimizing websites and placing them on high priorities in organic searches is the sure way of capturing the eye of the online browser.
Content Marketing - Content is a major driver component that decides the fate of a digital marketing strategy. Right content can lead to spurt in the number of site visitors, user engagement and eventual drive conversions.

Social Media Marketing - Social media has evolved out of personal spheres and is now a vibrant marketing space. There is no other effective platform to share information and distribute content about products and services.
Finally, the last step in digital marketing is to nurture those who have already visited website and keep the brand recall process on through email marketing. Well planned and targeted mailing can bring about the desired results in conversions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Welcome to the New Age of Marketing

Times have changed. Products have undergone vast changes. People’s perspectives have changed as well. So why should only marketing strategies remain the same.

Yes, it is time to move on. Once it was Print, hoardings, Radio and TV that set the golden standards of marketing. Companies used these channels to build their brands. All these media were building on one-way communication.

Even in literature, the reader is today given a chance to respond to the printed words. So branding assumes another realm. The audience want the marketing campaigns to be personalize and one-on-one. Without this personalization, the marketing campaigns fail to generate the desired engagement. It has to be admitted that the conventional media of marketing – print, TV and hoardings continue to exist, but play just a supplementary role to the new age of marketing.

This is true for other conventional marketing techniques like Cold Calls and Bulk Emails. The B2C world has moved on from cold calls long time ago and the bulk mail is not generating the positive engagement any longer.

 New Marketing Era

In modern times, marketing campaigns are not thought about, they are built. It starts with personalization of the message, as this single step holds the key to generating ROI for any marketing effort.

The modern day marketing campaign is all about knowing your customer. Get as much details about the customer as possible and adapt the content of the message accordingly. Here the phase of content marketing starts.

Customer-driven content marketing is essential to do a focused and targeted marketing and bring in more conversions. The most repeated mistake here is the marketer assuming what is important for the message, whereas an intelligent marketing campaigner goes by the knowledge of what’s useful or relevant to customers. It is observed that a well-studied content marketing will cost less than 60 per cent of the conventional marketing and can bring in three times more leads.

Once the phase of content marketing is done, the campaign moves to market automation. There are software that allows companies to market across multiple platforms. The key is to ensure brand visibility as far as possible.

This can be achieved by engaging social media to extend the conversation. The content marketing initiates a conversation between brand and the customer, marketing automation scales it up and social media sustains it. It takes the expertise in digital marketing to spot the ideal space where customer hangs out and take the brand conversation over there.

These new age marketing tips, along with traditional tools like direct mailing can really build successful branding campaigns. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

On Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a broad term, encompassing a whole spectrum of activities. It includes sharing of a photograph in Instagram to heading a lively discussion in Facebook to posting a short 140-character observation about life in Twitter and to establishing professional connections through LinkedIn. Even after doing all these, the social media engagement is just a part of the entire scope of it.

While venturing out to marketing in social media, it is natural to get confused. So a marketing strategy for the social media has to strike this critical balance to overcome the inherent confusion. Social Media Marketing means in simple terms the user of social media platforms and websites to promote or sell a product or service and reach out to the prospective clientele.

It involves creating new customer base, engaging the existing one and re-engage the old ones. All the social media marketing campaign employs data analytics tools built-into the social media platforms, which helps the campaigner to track the progress, analyse the trends and evaluate the success of engagement for the campaign.

Sampling in Social Media Marketing

As said before, the social media could be a very confusing space. So it is very important to identify the target audience before launching the campaign. A message in social media without any focus will be lost in no time, evoking little or no response. At the same time, a targeted message with a clear and studied subject matter can deliver the message more effectively that conventional marketing campaigns. Examples of social media messages going viral are aplenty.

One of the sure shot ways of identifying the target community is Social Media Polls. Almost all social media sites offer fully customizable forms to engage and listen to what the target audience has to say. More importantly, these polls are equipped with analytical tools that can gather vital information on the target audience’s age group, location, profession, and more. Online surveys and email surveys are other tools that can be used to narrow down on target audience.

Advanced stages of Social Media Marketing

It is also very important to analyze the current customer base, while taking up social media campaigns. These campaigns can be used to analyze competitions and all these information go into the design of the campaign in its advanced levels.

At this stage, the focus will be on re-engaging the target audience and remarketing.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Emotional Advertising: How to make people buy

There is one thing that make people share the video adverts and make them buy products – its emotional appeal of the content. It has been true ever since videos became popular. Videos loaded with emotions, rather than information attract the attention more effectively.

This works more for adverts prompting people to take spot decisions. The emotional sway is more effective than an intellectual appeal, studies show. Market is found to respond more positively to emotional appeal and they influence a person’s intent to buy than the content of the advert in its totality.

Some of the most viral adverts in recent times harped on the emotional content – especially on themes like friendship, inspiration, warmth, and happiness. The basic idea is to leave a sense of goodness and well-being and make a tug at the heart with visuals. Experts say the audience does not think their way to logical solutions, but feel their way to reason. Decisions are based on emotions and it is up to the advertisements to capitalize on this.

How to plan emotional advertising

The segment of advertising is started with humour and sarcasm during the initial stages of video advertising, which started to find its footing in the 1990s and early 2000s. Since then the advertisement scene has changed a lot and advertisements have started playing around with six core emotions: happy, surprised, afraid, disgusted, angry, and sad.

Recent studies brought down the number further down to four: happy, sad, afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted.

Happy: This is the most popular among the lot, catering mostly to brands that prefer to present a feel good presence and create smiling, laughing, happy customers, and maintain positivity. It is found that such adverts are shared more and get more engagement.

Sad: This component comes in second position and is used to gain easy access to the emotional realm of the audience. This is found to be effective in inspirational and moving adverts, as the message is delivered with an overdose of emotion.

Afraid/Surprised: These adverts cater to the natural instinct of fear in all of the audience. This brings in a sense of urgency and calls for immediate action. So this is effective in campaigns like those against drunk driving or cigarette smoking or adverts for the cause of environment.

Angry/Disgusted: Even though considered as a negative in content, these adverts can be effective to raise an issue. Not preferred for branding, and mostly employed in campaigns, this can mobilise large audience in short time span. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How better SEO keywords can help you reap good results

In this digital world, millions of us seek answers to almost every questions at internet search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. And to get the most appropriate answers real time we usually throw questions using language of keywords. By this we get the most relevant results or answers.

Knowing the most relevant keywords is the only way through which you can make decisions about the content strategy and consequently communicate with your audience. The ultimate key is to get discovered among the millions of services / products similar to yours, no matter how good or qualified you are. And this task can be completed with the help of SEO keywords or Search Engine Optimization keywords.

What are SEO keywords?

SEO keywords are the phrases or keywords in your web content that can help in making people find your website through search engines. A well optimized website for search engines will speak the same language or will have the same keywords as its potential visitors which will help in connecting the searchers to your site. These keyword are the most important elements of SEO basics.

Understanding or knowing how people are searching for the products, information or services that you offer is very important in order to make it easy for them to find you or they will go into any other pages in the Google results. By adapting SEO your site can also rank above your competitors.

Keywords are foundational for all SEO efforts, its well worth the time and investment. Choosing the right SEO keywords is hard but the basics are very easy to understand.

Here are some information on researching your customers’ searches and discovering the most relevant keywords that will help you rank on a search engine result pages and implementing them to work in your online content.

How to find out the best keywords for SEO?

While researching for SEO keywords most of the time marketers make mistakes like concluding with the results got from only one research and won’t bother to update or expand their SEO list further. Sometimes they only focus on targeted keywords that are very popular, which means they’re way too competitive.

But the SEO keyword researches should be an ongoing and ever continuing part of a job as a marketer. Periodical re-evaluation of old keywords, competitive and high volume keywords can be often be usefully replaced with more specific phrases to bring in the right visitors other than any other visitors.

You also have to diversify your keywords other than using the same old keywords as your competitors. You should try new keyword search tools to stand out and track the results, as you do experiment based on own research to find out the users of the keywords.

Make the SEO keywords work

As you have got the best keywords now it’s time to implement or make it work to get the best SEO results.

In order to get best results you should include relevant keywords in a number of high-attention areas on your site including the titles, body texts or URLs to the meta tags of image file names. A successfully optimized website would have thousands or millions of keywords and while dividing the keywords into manageable groups, you can’t try to cram things into a handful of pages with keyword stuffing and expecting to rank the individual keyboard.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Need of Corporate ads for brand promotions

To build your brand and increase awareness you might need to push your marketing strategies a little more further, and corporate videos are the best way for this. As more businesses are seen looking for their expansion, the need for a corporate video is experiencing a high level growth.

As part of marketing, you can display the messages on your website through corporate videos. Like if your business is selling new product or technology, then a video can help you to tell the story in a much easier way.

Here are some of the most important reasons to have a corporate video production for marketing campaigns especially online.

Content made easier to understand

A content can only cater to people who can read, write and learn. But a video can be much easier to convey the message to the visual and auditory learners. By adding a corporate video into the content you can attract people who are video lovers. 

The visual treat or corporate video will help the viewers to view something with joy and the search engine optimization of the page having the video content. 

Videos on Google 

Since the merging of YouTube to Google in 2006, Google has been incorporating video results along with the links or contents of search results. If your business also has a video linked to the website then it will help reach your product or service to everyone who searches something related to your business. 

Easy to share videos 

Videos are easy to share and sites like YouTube and Vimeo makes this much easier by letting us use a link or embed code provided by the site for sharing videos. And this makes a great possibility for people to share your corporate videos on their Facebook pages, blogs or other social media accounts. Adding the videos to your own website and social media pages also help with the sharing process. Corporate videos have the potential to become an essential part of your overall online marketing strategy.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Art of Selling in New Age

Selling something is considered to be a true art form and as time flows it can be improved to a great extend. Different ways of marketing techniques will be of large favour to improve the sales of the service or products that you are providing. In this era of digitisation, for improving your sales you have to know about the possibilities of digital media and the ways to access.

So here we are including some of the new methods that can be being used for good sales in this digital era:

Online Advertising and sales

The fastest and easiest way to reach your target consumers is through online. Posting ads with contact number on various websites which receives heavy traffic is one of the widely adapted way of advertising your product. If it is attractive then people might get interested enough to take a look at it and many may even contact you for the service or product.

Brochures or flyers

This is another effective way of getting your customers. We can make it contain great amount of informations. If designed well and is attractive it might also give some valuable customers also. It is becoming as a very common method for advertising these days.

Bulk messaging

To attract more consumers we can also send bulk messages by mail or whatsapp to targeted audience. If you are going for direct mails then you have to collect addresses from customers by noticing addresses on their checks, asking them to fill out information cards, etc. You can also send bulk mails using e-mail softwares to many people at a time also. 

Advertising on social networking sites

This has become one of the major platform for digital marketing purpose. Advertising on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, etc. are very easy to do for very little cost. It also provides us with good results as major part of the world population are using any of these social sites.

Cell Phone & Mobile Advertising

It is relatively a new form of advertising compared to the others, but it has a major role in the media mix having cell phones, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and other portable electronic devices with Internet connectivity. Recent trends in mobile advertising involve the major use of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook and the reach is very good.

Print Advertising

Once a huge driver of sales, print is taking a back seat to the many digital forms of advertising now available to marketers. However, if there is one thing that's certain about advertising, it's that being different is good. And when consumers tire of digital ads, a return to printed pieces, and the tactile feeling and permanence they provide, is definitely on the cards. Typically, print can be split into three sub-categories:

Periodical Advertising

If it's in a magazine, a newspaper, or anything else that comes out at regular intervals, then it's periodical advertising (aka a print ad). For decades, print ads were the gold standard for advertisers and their clients. To grab the centre spread of a big magazine or the back cover of a newspaper, meant millions of people were seeing the message. 

Guerrilla Advertising

Also known as ambient media, guerrilla advertising (or marketing) has become prominent over the last 20 years. It is a broadly used term for anything unconventional and usually invites the consumer to participate or interact with the piece in some way. Location is important, as is timing. The driving forces behind guerrilla advertising or marketing are creative ideas and innovation, not a large budget. Quite often, you will ask for forgiveness rather than permission with these campaigns, and they will spread via word of mouth and social media.

Broadcast Advertising

A mass-market form of communication including television and radio, broadcast advertising has, until recently, been the most dominant way to reach a large number of consumers. Broadcast advertising has really taken a beating over the last few years, especially with the rise of DVRs and "ad skipping" technology. However, it is still a popular way to reach millions of people, especially when the Super Bowl comes around. 

Outdoor Advertising

Also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, this is a broad term that describes any type of advertising that reaches the consumer when he or she is outside of the home. You will know it as billboards, bus shelter posters, fly posters, and even those big digital boards in Times Square.

Public Service Advertising

Unlike traditional commercials, Public Service Advertisements (PSA) are primarily designed to inform and educate rather than sell a product or service. PSAs traditionally appear on TV and radio but are also being heavily promoted online these days. 

Product Placement Advertising

In a nutshell, product placement is the promotion of branded goods and services within the context of a show or movie, rather than as an explicit advertisement. If you have ever seen a movie and wondered "wow, they sure are driving a lot of Ford cars in this scene," or "does everyone in this TV show drink Pepsi?" then you are noticing product placement. It's a way that these films and shows get funding, and is a great way for advertisers to reach a targeted demographic. 

Why Digital Marketing is important for branding

 Increation Media - Top Digital marketing company in kerala

To know about the importance of digital marketing for branding you have to know the difference between the both. So in simple words, it can be explained as “Marketing is what you do and branding is what you are”.

Marketing helps us to promote our services or products to a wider audience and branding it helps us to have an identity and meaning for our business. In another way, it can also be said as marketing is a pull tactic, a kind of persuasion, and brand building is making personal connections, somewhat like a pulling tactic. And when both of this is done through digital, you are getting a potential to reach out to a large amount of your target audience, beyond locations and boundaries. Traditional methods of marketing and engagement with people were limited to some way or others but digital helps you to communicate and reap the results in a short period of time.

Branding through digital marketing technique helps you to maximise your reach and results by taking your product or service to everyone who is online.

Here are some important points to know about Digital Marketing and branding:

  • In this digital era information about anything and everything is at our fingertips. And in the case of services and products, a million choices can be found online. So it is relevant to have a well-defined brand for your product to stand out from rest of the others.
  • Branding can be considered as a tool for developing, maintaining and staying competitive in the world of digital media.
  • Branding is not only popularising your services or products it also marks your social engagement, sales process, customer servicing and everything in between. So think of what digital can do in this case.
  • Connecting with the people personally is branding and digital marketing gives a rapid rise in it. 
  • In digital, one good remark or opinion from an online customer might be able to influence other users. It can also influence the purchase decisions to a great extend.
  • Brand building in this digital era can leverage and convert one-time customers into a long lasting one.
  • Strong branding has a very good advantage of earned medias like communities and brand advocates in addition to the paid and owned media. 

Video Marketing is the big thing in 2017

 Increation media - Media advertising company in keralaConnecting with people easily in a more illustrative and informative way, that is the main advantage of videos. Because of this same reason it is now widely being used for marketing purposes for every business, from international corporations to local brick-and-mortar businesses.

Nowadays if you check the marketing segment you can find out how video marketing is trending in the industry. Statics are showing that the video marketing trends are all set to skyrocket this year too.

So here we are including some interesting facts about why video marketing is predicted to have a rapid growth and how it's going to benefit the marketers in this and coming years:

  • Video marketings are widely used in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., as it is more social and can be easily accessed. Facebook, being the largest among them,  has over 1.5 billion active users and today more than 8 billion videos are being watched on it.
  • After Facebook, the most popular and second largest search engine after Google is YouTube. It has more than 1 billion users, which is exactly one-third of all the people who use the internet worldwide. And all of them watch about 5 billion YouTube videos daily. This is a great platform for marketing purpose
  • Almost everyone uses the mobile phone in this digital era. And most of them also uses the internet for different purposes and watching videos also comes in this. So most of the brands are now learning to market their product through video streaming in all types of screen sizes.
  • Cisco has predicted a major hike in consumer internet traffic in 2017. And it also said that consumers spent about 5.5-hour average for watching videos in the year of 2015.
  • According to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a one minute video has the same value and effect that about 1.8 million words can make.
  • According to studies, most of the consumers are eager for consuming branded videos and the major part of it also have watched and liked branded videos in social media news feeds.
  • Even an average internet user will spend more time on a website which has videos. And you can also have big chances to appear on Google’s first page if you are using YouTube videos and other films on your website.