Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Welcome to the New Age of Marketing

Times have changed. Products have undergone vast changes. People’s perspectives have changed as well. So why should only marketing strategies remain the same.

Yes, it is time to move on. Once it was Print, hoardings, Radio and TV that set the golden standards of marketing. Companies used these channels to build their brands. All these media were building on one-way communication.

Even in literature, the reader is today given a chance to respond to the printed words. So branding assumes another realm. The audience want the marketing campaigns to be personalize and one-on-one. Without this personalization, the marketing campaigns fail to generate the desired engagement. It has to be admitted that the conventional media of marketing – print, TV and hoardings continue to exist, but play just a supplementary role to the new age of marketing.

This is true for other conventional marketing techniques like Cold Calls and Bulk Emails. The B2C world has moved on from cold calls long time ago and the bulk mail is not generating the positive engagement any longer.

 New Marketing Era

In modern times, marketing campaigns are not thought about, they are built. It starts with personalization of the message, as this single step holds the key to generating ROI for any marketing effort.

The modern day marketing campaign is all about knowing your customer. Get as much details about the customer as possible and adapt the content of the message accordingly. Here the phase of content marketing starts.

Customer-driven content marketing is essential to do a focused and targeted marketing and bring in more conversions. The most repeated mistake here is the marketer assuming what is important for the message, whereas an intelligent marketing campaigner goes by the knowledge of what’s useful or relevant to customers. It is observed that a well-studied content marketing will cost less than 60 per cent of the conventional marketing and can bring in three times more leads.

Once the phase of content marketing is done, the campaign moves to market automation. There are software that allows companies to market across multiple platforms. The key is to ensure brand visibility as far as possible.

This can be achieved by engaging social media to extend the conversation. The content marketing initiates a conversation between brand and the customer, marketing automation scales it up and social media sustains it. It takes the expertise in digital marketing to spot the ideal space where customer hangs out and take the brand conversation over there.

These new age marketing tips, along with traditional tools like direct mailing can really build successful branding campaigns. 


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