Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to make Digital Marketing successful

The total spend in digital advertisement is all set to overtake that in television advertisement in 2017. If the studies done in the world market on the volume and nature of money invested in advertisement is any indicator, online advertisement spend will increase by 15.4% compared to the corresponding figures from last year. All these studies point to the steady rise of digital media in dissemination of product and brand related information. It also points towards the need to step up digital and online marketing.

In days to come, the key to success will be held by those who know the trend and are well equipped to optimize their online and digital marketing talents. This requires constantly updating skills set, reading latest researches, and learning from the industry trends and practices. The market is fast evolving and it is mandatory for anyone in the industry to keep up the pace.

 How to optimize digital marketing?

Adopt a Data-Driven Strategy More and more brands and enterprises are moving towards data-driven business strategies. The campaigns need precision in the data being disseminated through their marketing streams, or they stand to lose their clientele. Data about the customer base can be gathered through much advanced data analysis and measurement tools already available. The secret of success is in in-depth analysis of the data gathered and responding positively to it through social media channels.

From Quality Content to Engaging Content The stress in modern SEO is fully on developing quality and engaging content. Of late, the stress shifted more to engaging content. Studied market intelligence and mass psychology read along with the live market response data is needed to create content that makes the audience read and share it.

Have more visuals The use of moving visuals was doubled during last year and they still continue to be the most effective means to communicate a message. Intelligent use of devices like infographics and animation content can still influence the market decisions.

Focus on Personalized Marketing Customers love personalized attention and response. The market data collected through research and analysis tools must be used to establish this personal rapport with the target audience.

Go Mobile Nothing engages the audience at personal level than mobile. For this simple reason, marketing perspective for mobile has a huge influence on web development, content creation, design, user experience, and promotion.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Art of doing SEO

Intelligent marketing is the key to success for brands and companies in modern age. The huge investments made in marketing, however, can go awry, if the target audience does not even notice the campaign. The point in any marketing campaign is to stay visible. If the keyword search will result in the product or website appearing in second page of Google or farther away, the game is lost before it begins. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes to play.

SEO is a tool that helps us optimise our appearance on search engine page results and get noticed. The advantages of SEO are (i) it helps in improving search engine ranking, (ii) it helps in increasing traffic to the website and (iii) it helps in optimising conversions. There are two different methodologies in SEO and both are used widely in the digital marketing world today. This is time to know more about White Hat and Black Hat SEO.

 What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a pure, organic way to optimize pages on the internet.  This calls for more human intervention that algorithms that rule the search engines. This is based on the premise that search engines look for real-persons searching for information online and as answer they need quality websites on search pages. The focus, thus, is on content addressing real persons.

White Hat SEO does this by providing relevant information, adhering to search engine parameters on how to promote websites, using keywords for Organic SEO, regular updating and inbound linking. White Hat SEO works over a period and calls for a good amount of patience to yield results.

 What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is going round the rules and using backdoors to promote sites out of turn. Most often Black Hat SEO goes against the regulations set by search engines to ensure higher page rankings in shorter time. These are done by keyword stuffing, using blank text and implementing cloaking, where a similar version of page is created just for search engines. Bots are deceived by the page and boost the ranking, whereas the actual page that people see will be completely different.

Black Hat SEO might fetch immediate results, but neither will that be ethical nor lasting. It can even lead to the websites being blacklisted and banned from all search engines.